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Ukraine News

Awana Comes to Bezborod'ky! Our sister church is bearing more fruit as they have now started an Awana Ministry. The new Awana program meets on Saturdays and is held in the school gym. What an amazing blessing for the children in Bezborod'ky.

The Ukraine team mission trip on (July 26-Aug 4) was a huge success. The missions team consisted of Kristin and Dalen Roe, Kim Bousquet, Aliza Anderson, Sue and Bonnie Sue Stolpman. The missions team traveled to Bezborodky, Ukraine to visit with church members and Pastor Yuri. We hosted both a men's and women's ministry evening and provided medical screening (blood sugar and blood pressure) and reading glasses for them. We also provided an evening for the youth with games and activities. American football was a hit. Bonnie Sue provided cheerleader lessons for the girls. Dalen provided a gospel message and salvation invitation to end the evening.

The team joined with church members to hold a week long day camp for the area youth. A total of 63 kids attended camp. Camp curriculum was based around the Olympics this year. During the day camp the kids were taken on a journey from Christ's birth, when He was twelve at the temple, His miracles, death, and resurrection. The Salvation message was provided during the week and 10 young ladies invited Jesus into their hearts and asked Him to be their Lord and Savior. Hallelujah!

We also introduced Awana to Pastor Yuri and the church staff. Awana International representatives for Ukraine visited and had a great meeting with the church leaders. Pastor Yuri agreed to attend Awana Leader Training. The largest concern they have is volunteer leadership. Not enough adults to run an Awana ministry. Awana is a youth ministry that teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to children during the school year. Awana is a weekly minitstry.

We thank all of you who prayed over this wonderful mission trip. Our sister church is filled with Godly men and women who deeply love and serve Jesus Christ.

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